F/FFFFFF x Joporan -Distorted Space
F/FFFFFF x Joporan -Distorted Space

Distorted Space 

F/FFFFFF X Joporan 2018 AW  

The fashion and scientific brand F/FFFFFF will a new collection, Joporan, attend 2018 AW Shanghai Fashion Week this time. And it will have its very own presentation and runway show on 31st. Mar at Xintiandi, Shanghai. 

Joporan originates from Join+Power, which represents the passion and energy release of participation and reflects the attitude of youth. The group of Joporan is the embodiment of heat and heat, the endorsement of vitality, and the impeccable youth. It is also a kind of irony for the present society to infect the people around us in their own way, and the enthusiasm of the brand with high saturation color and vitality in the street is to infect the society.


There are too many choices and temptations in your life. If you are confused by appearances and unable to understand yourself correctly, the dislocation caused will make you feel depressed and unable to extricate themselves. The confused Luna broke into the misplaced gap, this is a gap space caused by different time and space, unstable, untrue but the closest to the truth, the time and space are misplaced, and the feelings are misplaced. In such a mixed world, feelings are becoming more and more distorted, and emotions become complicated. The world is not black or white, and in extreme confusion, the leisurely desire of Luna, which is different from the boiled frogs in warm water, is rapidly expanding. Gradually she realizes that it is now only to break the cognition, to restructure to herself, and to this. The correct understanding of the world is possible to get rid of it.


There are too many choices and temptations in life, if you are puzzled by surface phenomena and can not correctly understand yourself, the resulting space distorted will make you fall into a wandering state of melancholy. Luna, confused and wandering, broke free of this gap of space distorted, which is a thread-work of space and time, unstable, unreal but closest to the truth. Space-time is space distorted. In such a complex world, feelings become distorted. What was once black and white becomes a swirling cacophony of hues, as emotions add layers of color and depth with every stroke. Refusing to be the Frog that’s slowly boiled, Luna desires to extricate the rapid expansion of desire. Gradually she realizes that it is now possible to be liberated only by breaking the knowledge of original knowledge, reorganizing itself and understanding the world correctly.

F/FFFFFF - Joporan 2018 AWStatic display

F/FFFFFF will also host an After Party at the retail store SEVENCAT at Xintiandi. Head Designer Zac will personally introduce the design concepts and product features in this collection to attending media and celebrities. 
The store will also showcase a smaller version of the show's exhibition to further connect Joporan and its audience. This After Party will be cosponsored by both brands. 



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