F/FFFFFF is a "fashion smart experience pavilion". Gather fashion, technology products and cultural surroundings. Through the cooperation with artists and designers to create "thousands of storefront" scenes, we can build a new consumer environment with intelligent interactive devices,...
F/FFFFFF, a new retail space that blends fashion and technology. Advocate consumer and environment, commodity perception and communication, each cube space is to build more specific sense of product scene. Emphasize the spatial characteristics of multidimensional collocation of intelligent consumer guides, as both the best combination of function and art.
  • Shop scene
    F/FFFFFF represents the exploration of wireless young generation of fashionable life, hoping to cross thoughts will come from different areas of RE elements together to create a fashion follower has unlimited sensory experience of the city.
  • Space scene
    Space minimalist style is showing a rich level, not only in the material and light expression, but also in the space of the details of the processing.
  • Intelligent experience
    The revolutionary impact of artificial intelligence on product design is the integration of function chain from single point of extreme to steering and scene.
  • Shanghai Fashion Week
    F/FFFFFF is giving everyone a better life experience, and in the future, we will also display creative, design, intelligence, aesthetics and other elements of life aggregation. Shanghai fashion week is just the beginning, the future, we are still going on.
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